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Helping Restore Our EnvironmentHelping Restore Our Environment





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Envirosoil is a soil remediation company, committed to the integrity of the environment and the will of customers. As a responsible company, Envirosoil knows it must provide economical and environmentally responsible “SOLUTIONS” to contaminated soil remediation. This objective translates into our ability to tackle diverse soil remediation projects. Our primary focus is on the following:

Soil Remediation / Treatment:
Envirosoil own and operate state-of-the-art Low Temperature Thermal Desorption (LTTD) units. We currently operate two types of technology, Thermal Desorption with Destruction and Thermal Desorption with Recovery. Both technologies are mobile and transportable for onsite treatment as necessitated by the specific project. Our Thermal Units have been engineered to meet the most stringent health and safety standards in respect to effective soil treatment.

Contaminants proven capable of being treated include:

  • Petroleum Hydrocarbons
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)
  • Creosotes, Coal Tars and Bunkers

Site Remediation:
As a Member of the Municipal Group of Companies we have access the all the resources of the parent company, which includes an entire fleet of construction and demotion equipment. Envirosoil has a lengthy and respected history of competent and capable work in the remediation industry, having completed numerous complete site restoration projects, both locally and internationally.

All our projects are professionally managed, by a skilled and committed group of people, who combine to provide the highest standard of results and customer service.

Oil Field Drilling Waste:
With a growing Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration Industry in Atlantic Canada, the demand for “SOLUTIONS” for the treatment of hydrocarbon impacted drilling waste (cuttings and mud) has grown in recent years. In 1997, Envirosoil started receiving and treated drilling waste. The process includes the removal of the hydrocarbon contaminates, leaving the solids available for recycling as quarry restoration material or landfill cover or capping material.

See Portfolios Section for Various Projects and Partial List of Clientele.


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