About Envirosoil

Experience & Commitment

Established in 1992 by the Municipal Group of Companies , Envirosoil's corporate philosophy is firmly rooted in the provision of value-added service that surpasses customer expectations and enhances the environment. The mandate encompasses recycling and restoring soil, which has been impacted by organic contaminates (Petroleum, PAH, etc.) to environmentally healthy and productive levels.

As a member of the Municipal Group, Envirosoil is able to access more than 40 years of management and construction experience, and a large fleet of construction and project equipment. This allows us to assemble project teams with the highest qualifications and skills to successfully complete any task.

While the level of experience and degree of expertise brought to every project sets us apart, we are especially proud of our steadfast commitment to the needs of the client and ecological sustainability. Synergy is more than just a word at Envirosoil. We believe that balance, focus and collaboration are the crucial elements required for success. We listen and respond with solutions that are relevant, acceptable and necessary for client satisfaction. Our use of advanced technology ensures that equilibrium with environmental standards is assured.

Through its evolution, Envirosoil has been recognized for its use of Low Temperature Thermal Desorption (LTTD). This innovation has become the technology of choice for quickly and reliably removing various concentrations of hydrocarbon to non- detectable levels in soil. LTTD utilizes optimal temperature levels to vaporize soil contaminants, which are subsequently reduced to carbon dioxide and water, cooled, and released safely into the atmosphere. The purified soil left behind can then be recycled. Using applications such as this in concert with the promotion of a clean and safe environment is a primary reason why Envirosoil has become the leader in soil remediation and site restoration services in Atlantic Canada and beyond.

Providing the most innovative solutions for clients coupled with unparalleled service has enabled Envirosoil to become an international player in oilfield-drilling waste treatment and hydrocarbon sludge remediation. With a growing commitment to research and a capacity for employing the best technology and service available, Envirosoil is charting a course for continued expansion in both domestic and international arenas.

Quality & Environmental Policy Statement

Envirosoil is a waste management company that provides soil remediation solutions for contaminated soil and oilfield drilling waste. Through our services and working in cooperation with regulators, scientists and industry, ENVIROSOIL helps to protect the environment, which results in benefits to our customers, community, employees and owners/shareholders. We provide a quality remediation process with excellent customer service at a reasonable cost, which operates in a manner that safely and effectively reduces the potential for health hazards while promoting recycling.

To satisfy the requirements of our customers and prevent pollution ENVIROSOIL has implemented and will maintain an integrated quality and environmental management system (QEMS) that incorporates all applicable elements of ISO 9001 and 14001.

To ensure we successfully achieve our commitments, ENVIROSOIL will:

  • Establish and track quality and environmental objectives and targets and provide resources and equipment to ensure the continual improvement of our processes, operations and effectiveness of our QEMS.
  • Provide personnel at all levels of the company with the training, resources and necessary empowerment to ensure they are competent to do their jobs properly and meet the requirements of this Policy.
  • Communicate the requirements of this Policy and our QEMS to all employees and interested parties affected by our operations.
  • Follow well-defined procedures, controls, checks and associated responsibilities for each phase of the operation.
  • Monitor our operations and implement appropriate corrective and/or preventive actions to improve our performance.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations governing our operations and other requirements to which our company subscribes.

Effective Dec 12, 2012