Remediation of Sungai Bera Holding Basin

Project Location: Seria, Brunei Darussalam (Southeast Asia)

Owner's Name: Brunei-Shell Petroleum Co. Sdn. Bhd.


Project Description:

Envirosoil Limited (part of Municipal Group of Companies) as part of a joint venture with Jacques Whitford Environment Ltd., Inland Oil and Haji Adinin & Sons are currently conducting a world-class remediation project for Brunei-Shell Petroleum Co. Sdn. Bhd. in Brunei, Southeast Asia. The work is being conducted through their joint venture company, Sungai Bera Remediation J.V. Sdn. Bhd. (SBRJV).

The project encompasses the design & engineering, management, equipment selection & procurement, and excavation, treatment and disposal of approximately 160,000 tonnes of hydrocarbon contaminated sludges, drill muds and soils deposited in three unlined lagoons directly adjacent to the South China Sea. In addition to the excavation and treatment of contaminated sludges and soils, the scope of work included the handling, cleaning and crushing of approximately 5,000 drums containing highly contaminated oil-based muds, as well as complete site restoration/re-vegetation. The site includes producing wells and pipelines throughout the treatment zone and encompasses an area of 15 hectares, with underlying sands and the groundwater table close to the surface.

The project also includes the dewatering of lagoons by well-point dewatering system; excavation of drill muds and tank bottom sludges and underlying contaminated soils; and backfilling of lagoons with treated sediments and imported sands, followed by site re-vegetation. The soils and sludges vary in hydrocarbon content (<3% to >40%) and moisture content (<10% to >35%) but are blended together to provide a uniform feedstock to the gas-fired Low Temperature Thermal Desorption (LTTD) plant with approximately 10-12% hydrocarbon content and 15 to 25% moisture. The LTTD plant is processing this material at approximately 10 tonnes/hr and recovered hydrocarbon product (<2% BSW) is delivered to our client for export crude oil.

This project also includes a full HSE program with health monitoring of workers and complete atmospheric and emissions monitoring. A wastewater treatment system is included to handle all contaminated water sources. A full organic chemistry/laboratory has been set up by the Joint Venture to provide analysis of both feed materials to the LTTD plant and all treated materials.

The project was awarded in November, 1999, with site assessment, mobilization, equipment procurement, set-up and commissioning completed by early September, 2000. As of July 2003, approximately 155,000 tonnes of contaminated materials have been treated, including approximately 70,000 barrels of recovered oil treated and delivered back to the client. The project is on schedule for completion in September 2003.