Sable Offshore Energy Inc. (SOEI)

Envirosoil Limited (part of Municipal Group of As a member of Offshore Waste Management Group (OWMG), Envirosoil was responsible for transportation, from dockside, and treatment of hydrocarbon contaminated oilfield-drilling waste (Cuttings & Mud) from 1998 - 2000.

The Offshore Waste Management Group (OWMG) is a consortium of companies, (Envirosoil, Jacques Whitford Environmental, Phillip Services, Green Waste, Atlantic Industrial Services). Each partner brought their unique skills and abilities to the project providing a complete waste management and disposal service for the first offshore natural gas development of its kind in Nova Scotia.

Oil Based Mud (OBM) waste was delivered to Envirosoil via two distinct methods, vacuum truck and specifically designed mud bins. To accommodate this, Envirosoil has made several significant modifications to its facility in Bedford, Nova Scotia. First and foremost, Envirosoil obtained an environmental approval allowing it to treat barium based OBM waste. Secondly, Envirosoil established a complete handling, storage, treatment and tracking system for the waste, including storage capacity for over 8000 cubic metres of semi-liquid waste.

The treatment process essentially entails temporarily storing then blending OBM waste with other approved contaminated soils to achieve a homogeneous blend at lower overall hydrocarbon levels for processing via Low Temperature Thermal Desorption (LTTD).

The issues, which were presented as critical to SOEI were as follows:

  • Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E)
  • Reduced Liability
  • Cost Effectiveness

The most important advantages of the Envirosoil LTTD treatment are:

  • Excellent Record for HS&E
  • Effective Treatment to non-detect levels for hydrocarbons
  • Timely & Economical Treatment

This allows the producer the comfort of knowing the material is treated to the most stringent requirements and provides no long term liability concerns.